DrainArt, the beginning.

So the journey begins. DrainArt is a passion project for me, and my wife Mary. We love to travel and Japan has always been our favorite destination. What special about Japan is that there is so much visual stimulus. Everywhere you look, there is something visually intriguing and pleasing. Japanese designers have very unique aesthetics. One particular subject that always fascinated us is the manhole covers. The mundane object they are, but much love and attention have been paid to the design of manhole covers in Japan.

We think it would be cool if we can bring the design home and collect them. So a couple of years ago We had this idea of turning those designs into collecting enamel pins. But since we have always been busy, the project takes a long time to come alive.

Now as we are all staying in our home city, not able to travel to Japan, for the time being, is actually the right time to launch this project. We believe these pins will bring back fond memories for people who have traveled to Japan. Or they will fascinate people who love Japanese aesthetics.

We have picked 16 manhole cover designs. We have also designed a wall scroll in the style of Ukiyo-e wood print art. So if you collect all 16 enamel pins, you can display them nicely on the scroll.

We will be launching on Kickstarter in October 2020. If you are interested please leave your email address and name on the home page. Not only will you be notified of all the news about DrainArt, you will also get a chance for the early bird discount.

I hope you like our work.

Looking forward to hear from you.



Osaka, Kansai, Japan – 18th October 2018 : Top view on female legs standing in front of a beautiful decorated Manhole of the Osaka Castle

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    1. marychang says:

      Thank you Lizbeth. Glad you like it. We are now doing pretty good on Kckstarter. We got over 350 backers.

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