DrainArt: Japanese Manhole enamel pins & wall scroll

DrainArt: Japanese Manhole enamel pins and wall scroll is a enamel pin project by creative couple Mary Chang and Philip Lee from Hong Kong.

16 beautiful manhole covers from various parts of Japan are transformed into premium enamel pins. If you collect them all, you can display them all on an Ukiyo-e inspired wall scroll.

DrainArt was launched on Kickstarter on the 27th of October. And the campaign reach its goal with only 6 mins! eventually 500 backers contributed over $35000USD. Now the pins are in production and will be delivered soon.

If you still want the pins. No worry, the campaign has moved to Indiegogo (another established crowd-funding platform). So you can go there and order the pins and wall scroll

All the pins will be 2 inches (5.08cm) in diameter, just big enough to recreate all the intricate details on the manhole covers. They are all soft enamel pins, the bases finished with antique silver plating or black nickel planting. The wall scroll’s dimension is 34x 82cm. (13.4 x 32.2inches) It will be made of premium quality fabric paper hybrid material. Check out the 16 designs here

Due to popular demand, 6 mini size pins(2cm, 3/4″) pin were added to the collection. They are also available on Indiegogo.