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Princess Kaguya Manhole Enamel Pin

Fuji Princess Enamel Pin
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Diameter: 2" (5cm)

Finish: Black nickel plating, soft enamel

Material: Zinc Alloy

The tale of the princess Kaguya is one of most famous folklore in Japan. Kaguya-Hime was discovered by a bamboo cutter inside a bamboo shoot. This large pin is based on a manhole cover in Fuji City with a beautiful Kaguya-Hime and Mount Fuji in the background

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Usages of all manhole covers in this shop is approved by local the Japanese municipal governments.

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Great gift for Japan lovers

Every single manhole cover designs here is full of story. Rich in colour and folklore, It reflects the uniqueness of each Japanese city. You can decorate your tote bags or backpacks with them. Put them on hats or jacket lapels. They add a touch of Japanese aesthetics to your style. They are of course perfect gifts for anyone who like Japan.