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16 Pins & Wall Scroll Set

16 Pins & Wall Scroll Set
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A complete set of 16 manhole enamel pins with a wall scroll display.

A wall scroll in the style of Ukiyo-e print showcases the locations of the covers. The size is approximately 34x 82cm (13.4 x 32 inches) . It is a nice way to hang all the pins on the wall. It is a great decoration piece for your home. It is printed on a high quality sturdy textured paper with a fine printing surface.

Each enamel pins is 2" (5cm) in diameter. Soft enamel in either antique silver finish or black nickel finish.

The 16 pins include:

1. Otaru Manhole Enamel Pin
2. Tsuruoka Manhole Enamel Pin
3.Ojiya Manhole cover pin direct sale
4. Matsumoto Manhole Enamel Pin
5. Shirakawa Manhole Enamel Pin
6. Himeji Manhole Enamel Pin
7. Miyoshi Manhole Enamel Pin
8.Hiroshima Origami Crane Manhole Enamel Pin
9.Tokyo Manhole Enamel Pin
10. Atami Manhole Enamel Pin
11. Mount Fuji Manhole Enamel Pin
12. Princess Kaguya Manhole Enamel Pin
13. Osaka Manhole Enamel Pin
14. Takamatsu Manhole Enamel Pin
15. Hiroshima Maple leaf Manhole Enamel Pin
16. Yamaguchi Manhole Enamel Pin

The wall scroll is printed in high quality textured paper,34x 82cm (13.4 x 32 inches) in dimensions.

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Great gift for Japan lovers

Every single manhole cover designs here is full of story. Rich in colour and folklore, It reflects the uniqueness of each Japanese city. You can decorate your tote bags or backpacks with them. Put them on hats or jacket lapels. They add a touch of Japanese aesthetics to your style. They are of course perfect gifts for anyone who like Japan.